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A Just Redistricting Plan

While a board member of One Community One School District, I was immersed in issues affecting our public schools, including the reapportionment of the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board in 2014, following Congress’ failure to renew the Voting Rights Act. No longer subject to Justice Department approval, the reapportionment plan pushed by business leaders enlarged and “cracked and packed” districts, ultimately weakening the voting strength of targeted populations.


The Metro Council will be reapportioned following the 2020 Census. The proposed City of St. George will complicate this process. It is imperative reapportionment is not controlled by special interests seeking to create districts inhospitable to grass roots candidates who sincerely represent the best interests of average citizens and the community as a whole. I commit to advocating for a fair and just reapportionment that will ensure equal representation.

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