Tania Nyman on A Pause for Thought

On October 31, Tania discussed education issues with Wayne Parker, host of A Pause for Thought, a WHYR radio show.

On Tuesday, October 9th, I received a request from Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister that I complete a candidate questionnaire. McCollister endorsed my opponent noting only that I was a Democrat and that I was "no fan of charters." To read my responses to Mr. McCollister's questions, click here.

The League of Women Voters has published a Voter's Guide for candidates in Baton Rouge. 

The 2018 Fall League of Women Voter's Guide

Please know that after attending the Thursday, Sept. 20th East Baton Rouge Parish School Board meeting, my position on the question of the Industrial Tax Exemption Program as it relates to public schools changed. After considering the business community's request for predictability and ITEP guidelines of other states, I amended my position to the following:

School systems should be excluded from Industrial Tax Exemption Programs. Industry should not be able to receive an exemption for the share of the property tax owed to the school system.

In all other states with Industrial Tax Exemption Programs, property taxes owed to school systems are effectively excluded from consideration. Louisiana should adopt this practice in order to provide the business community with the predictability it needs to evaluate the merits of any new projects and in order to protect the funding for our school system. School systems are uniquely affected by economic growth and must have sufficient funding to fulfill its mission.

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