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1. Please list in priority order the top three issues most important to you as a potential school board member.

2: EBR school teachers/employees are requesting a pay raise (which they have not had in a decade) and that their salaries be adjusted for inflation. What is your position on a teacher/school employee pay raise and on adjusting their salaries for inflation?

3. The school board now has the ability to vote on whether or not to approve industrial property tax exemptions through the states ITEP program. ITEP offers manufacturers a property tax break in hopes to attract/keep business in the parish. However, those exemptions cause EBR schools to lose an estimated $28 million in revenue. Should the school board approve or reject exemptions for existing manufacturers properties? Should it approve or reject exemptions for new properties? What factors would you consider?

4. The EBR school board expects a budget deficit of $23 million for the 2018-2019 school year. The board has decided to tap almost half of its reserves to fill in the gap, along with making cuts to materials, supplies, travel, jobs, and holding off on transportation and technology purchases. In your opinion, what is the best way (or ways) to balance the school boards budget?

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