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Five Things You Should Know About Charter Schools in Louisiana

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

1. The original charter school model was an ideal vision, which many people supported with the best of intentions. But the charter school concept has been hijacked by financial interests to generate profits for private companies rather than provide a quality education to all students.

2. Charter schools are eroding our voting rights. They eliminate the power of school boards whose members are elected and empower school boards whose members are appointed. Voters effectively lose their ability to elect representatives to oversee their schools.

3. Charter schools are effectively eliminating public oversight of public tax dollars. Charter management organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, are allowed to enter into confidential business agreements with for-profit companies without approval from elected officials.

4. Many charter school facilities are paid for with public tax dollars but they are owned by for-profit real estate companies affiliated with the charter school company rather than by the taxpayers.

5. Charter schools are undermining the teaching profession. Charter schools are not required to hire certified teachers, adhere to salary schedules, or participate in the Teachers' Retirement System. The absence of professional credentials, good pay, and a secure retirement undermines teaching as a profession and our students will suffer as a result.

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