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Protect Teaching as a Profession

We must protect the teaching profession! The privatization movement devalues teaching as a profession. High-stakes standardized tests, mandated curriculums, burdensome reporting requirements, unfunded mandates redirecting funds from essential resources, and low pay are undermining the profession and our students suffer as a result.

Read this article from FORBES for a compelling argument about the current climate regarding teachers.

In addition to deferring to teachers’ judgement as experts in their field, we must provide teachers with better pay and a secure retirement. In order to protect the Teachers Retirement System, we must protect our traditional public school system. Charter schools are not required to hire certified teachers, adhere to a salary schedule, or participate in the retirement system. These policies are destabilizing the professional status and the financial security of all teachers. Our unified public school system offers the best protection for the teaching profession, and that is in the best interest of our students.

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